Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as NFL Draft Approaches (2024)

NASHVILLE – The NFL Draft is … next week.

After months of buildup, the Titans and every other NFL team will be on the clock starting next Thursday.

I know folks are fired up.

Let's dive into another mailbag to see what everyone is thinking.

Here's the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Avery Wood from North Carolina
Question: Hey Jim. Lifelong Titans fan and I love your coverage and work with the team. As an active Twitter user, there has been some confusion with some people on which twitter account is Ran Carthon's. There are 2 different accounts, one that isn't active (since 2021) and one that is active now (@RanCarthonGM) and to Titans fans on twitter it seems they are split between if it's actually him.
Whenever you best see fit, I believe it would clear up some confusion and call for a good moment if you were to ask him which twitter account is his. Thanks for all the work you do. Titan Up!

Jim: Hey Avery. Glad you asked this. The correct answer is neither of these Twitter accounts are being used by Ran. I sent him your question, and he said he hasn't used Twitter, or X, in years. The @RanCarthonGM account is "NOT mine," he said. Ran said he doesn't tweet. "Hope this clears things up," he said.

Jamie Driver from Union City, Tennessee
Question: Thanks for taking questions and being as honest as you can be without getting in trouble 😂. I don't get how people saying the Titans rebuilding IMO we are in good shape to compete and turn a lot of heads . Offense looks a lot better on paper and still have draft, undrafted, trades etc.....only key loss is Derrick 👑 Henry of course. Wished we kept Autry on DLine to help Big Jeff. Do you think we surprise alot of people who think we have no chance at making a run?

Jim: Hi Jamie. The way things played out, last year looked like a "rebuilding year" because of the record. The reality is the 2023 team underachieved, there's no doubt about it. I wasn't expecting a run to the Super Bowl, but I wasn't expecting 6-11 either. The 2024 team will look a lot different, with a new coach and a lot of new players. But the team has acquired some talented players, and I think it will be competitive. A lot of things need to come together quickly, but I think the '24 Titans have potential.

Tommy Henley from Cookeville, Tennessee
Question: Hello, Jim hope my letter finds you and, the family good. with that said I wanna say WOW! I mean can ya feel it Jim? what I mean is the culture and change The Titians organization has turned this franchise around I'm really impressed, so will really tell when the draft comes an season begins. Ran an the others in the office has really almost has met most of the areas of the teams needs I can tell Ms Amy are doing what it takes. GOOD FOR THEM! I've spoken bout Caleb Murphy before I really got hi hopes for this young man IDK, just got that feeling, how has he been doing? I no he didn't get much playing time his rookie season, but I hope they turn him lose as in let 'em play an I bet ya he's gonna be a sack machine like he was in college. Anyway, Jim as of right now in your opinion what is the teams needs what I mean is OL, WR , LB , strong safety so guess I'm asking what would your mock draft be , come on Jim, cuz your a major part of the Titan family so to speak, I no they've filled a lot of the needs but just like to know how you feel bout it an your opinion. But hey always thankful for the letters an news Jim . stay safe.

Jim: Hey Tommy. The times are definitely changing. I like Caleb Murphy, and I think he'll get an opportunity to prove himself this offseason. … As for team needs, OL, DL, ILB, Safety, more help at WR, edge, etc.

Ed Helinski from Auburn, New York
Question: Hey Jim, hope all is going well with you these days. In looking back at the last five Titans drafts, what letter grade would you assign to that effort? What was successful and what turned out to be disappointing?

Jim: Good to hear from you again, Ed. It's too early to grade the 2023 NFL Draft. With Skoronski, Levis, Spears, Whyle, Duncan and Dowell, it has a chance to turn out to be a great class, but we need more time to really judge and put any kind of grade on it. Same for the 2022 class, which needs guys like Burks, Petit-Frere, Haskins and Philips to take a step in 2024. If that doesn't happen, it will be considered a disappointing class when we look back in a few years, although McCreary is a good one from that draft class, and Okonkwo will turn out to be a good pick as well. The Titans took a flier on Willis, but he's now really on the spot if he's going to stick. The 2021 draft doesn't look great at this point – Caleb Farley has had bad luck with his health, and Monty Rice, Dez Fitzpatrick, Racey McMath and Brady Breeze are no longer on the roster. Dillon Radunz still has a chance to make a bigger impact moving forward, while Elijah Molden and Rashad Weaver have been solid role players. The 2020 class looks rough, with Isaiah Wilson one of the biggest draft busts in team history, and little production from others. The 2019 draft class, with Jeffery Simmons, A.J. Brown, Nate Davis, Amani Hooker and David Long Jr. was a really good one. I'll let others do grades, those are just my thoughts.

Randy L from Yorktown, Virginia
Question: Hey Jim. The Front Office keeps calling me for advice and I think what we've settled in on is a splash move at #7 with one of the Top 3 receivers (likely Odunze). Then I advised them to lean on Big Bill C. and move up from #38 to take whatever LT he feels great about that falls into the late teens/early 20s. I hesitated to share this intel but I'm sure only #TitanUp fans read this mailbag. Thanks for always humoring us fans...you're the best!

Jim: I appreciate you sharing, Randy. I'd heard they'd reached out to you, but wasn't sure if they'd made contact …

Beau Siddens from Covington, Indiana
Question: Hey Jim. I'm excited to see this new team in action and can't wait for the draft. I know everyone wants Alt, and I wouldn't be disappointed if he is our 1st round selection. However, we also have Bill Callahan. With Bill at the helm, we don't need the best OL player(s) in the draft. Bill just needs large, physical guys that are willing to work. He can craft the best OL in the league. We also have Cushenberry. So....what if we take Brock Bowers in the 1st round? All great teams have a memorable QB/TE duo. Chig is a great player and maybe hasn't had the opportunity to shine, but Bowers has tape that shows he is a playmaker. Can you imagine this Offense with the addition of Brock Bowers? He is a well-rounded WEAPON!

Jim: Brock Bowers has a lot of fans around here…

Logan Floyd from Tennessee
Question: Do you think Sneed and Chido can handle the Texans offense?

Jim: Not by themselves. But with the help of others, yes.

Jeremy Rodriguez from Winchester, California
Question: Hey Jim, hope all is well. I am seeing a lot of fans asking about Brock Bowers. I know he is a good college Tight End, but Chig is a good NFL Tight End. Chig improved from his rookie year and I hope Callahan gets him more involved in the offense this year. He is big, quick and can block. I would say, let's back off the Bowers want and let Chig do what he does. Hoping we use that #7 pick on a LT, that would really help to start to strengthen the O'Line. Hope you have a great weekend Jim and looking forward to Draft Night! As always TITAN UP!

Jim: Chig will keep getting better, no doubt. I'm expecting a jump from Whyle as well. I've seen him around, and he's noticeably bigger.

James Mitchell from Brentwood, Tennessee
Question: Do you think Malik Willis still has a place on the roster? Thanks and love brother!!

Jim: We'll see, James. Will Levis is the 1, and I fully expect Mason Rudolph to be the 2. What does that mean for Malik? Again, we'll see…

Billy Williams from Memphis, Tennessee
Question: Love what you do. I know you have been asked many times to comment on the national media's opinion of the Titans, and the perceived or real disrespect, and you generally and rightfully say it does not matter, and respect comes with showing it on the field, but I have to ask about the disconnect between how the national media is reporting on our free agent signings versus how most feel about it locally. While it seems most locally are excited about the tools being added, including me, with local commentators gushing that the Titans are winning free agency, I am surprised that the majority of the national media is not impressed much at all. I am seeing power rankings still listing the Titans near the worst teams in the league, one as low as 31st and none higher than 26th, with most saying the Titans have not done that much to really improve. Are we fans just drinking the proverbial kool-aid? I would love to hear your opinion? Thank you Jim, and please keep up the great work!

Jim: Hey Billy. I'm sticking with my thinking on this: What the national media thinks about the Titans doesn't matter to me, whether it's about the on-field product, or what happens in free agency, the NFL Draft. The only thing that matters is what happens on the field in the fall. Last year, the Titans weren't very good, so now they have to earn respect. But I don't put much stock into power rankings, draft grades, etc. If you remember, the Jaguars were the popular pick in the AFC heading into the 2023 season, and they didn't even make the playoffs.

Adrien Lopez from Fresno, California
Question: Hey Jim, I was wondering if we have plan to send scouts to the UFL as there can be a lot of talent in minor leagues and we have seen success before?

Jim: Hey Adrien. The answer to this is yes.

Jeff Dobbins from Hendersonville, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. Love reading your answers and insights on the Titans. I have 2 questions. I'm really looking forward to the draft and going to the party at Nissan Stadium. Are they going to announce what players are going to be there? Also, a question that has been debated for years may have been subtly answered by Ran. When drafting in the top 10 of first round, do you draft best available or biggest need? He keeps talking about how much depth there is at OT so it seems like not getting one in the first round is not too big a deal. My draft board has changed like everyone else's after the lastest signings. Here is the scenario I see that may play out. At #7, if there is Alt, Bowers and Odunze/Nabors available, who do you pick? Obvious answer is Alt. But, since he thinks there is so much depth at this position, does he still think Alt is best available? Since we have D Hop and now Ridley, does he think Odunze is best available? Then there is Bowers. We have a decent TE in Chig but, in today's NFL it seems like elite TE like Kelce and Kittle have become one of the more valuable positions on offense. Tight ends with Bowers potential are not a dime a dozen and don't come along often. I really think if this scenario plays out, he will go with Bowers based on what he has been doing and saying. Am I crazy?

Jim: Hey Jeff. The players haven't been announced, and I'm not sure they will be, to be honest. I've seen the list, and it's a good list. But I don't want to get anyone's hopes up about getting autographs, pictures, etc. Plus, things come up, and guys may have a conflict. Either way, it should be a great event. … As for how to draft in the top 10, I'm taking best available player, the player you think could help for years and years to come. If that fills a big need, great. And, I don't think there's an obvious answer to the scenario you mentioned. I'm intrigued by some of those other guys as well.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans as NFL Draft Approaches (2024)


How many picks do Titans have in 2024? ›

The Tennessee Titans hold seven picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, which begins tonight at 7 p.m. CT in Detroit and ends Saturday. The Titans have the No. 7 overall pick.

How did the Titans do in the draft? ›

Apart from safety and tight end, the Titans leave the draft having addressed every other need. Grade: C-plus. The Titans' draft class is huge. They took offensive tackle JC Latham at No. 7 overall, then got DT T'Vondre Sweat early in the second round.

Who has Mr. Irrelevant in 2024? ›

In the seventh round of the 2024 NFL Draft, the New York Jets selected Alabama safety Jaylen Key with the No. 257 overall pick, making him this year's Mr. Irrelevant. Key played his first four college seasons at UAB, where he was an honorable mention all-Conference USA selection in 2022.

Who should the Titans draft in 2024? ›

Tennessee Titans Draft Prediction:

Brendan Donahue has the Titans selecting Joe Alt (OT, Notre Dame) with the 7th overall pick in his most recent 2024 NFL Mock Draft. Mock draft expert Ryan McCrystal believes the Titans could target an offensive tackle like Joe Alt (OT, Notre Dame) with their top pick at No.

Was Derrick Henry drafted by the Titans? ›

Henry was selected by the Tennessee Titans in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft, where he was a four-time Pro Bowl selection. A backup for most of his first two seasons in the league, Henry emerged as the Titans' feature back near the end of the 2018 season.

What Georgia lineman was drafted by the Titans? ›

Isaiah Wilson
No. 79
College:Georgia (2017–2019)
NFL draft:2020 / Round: 1 / Pick: 29
Career history
Tennessee Titans (2020) Miami Dolphins (2021)* New York Giants (2021)*
18 more rows

Who has the most draft picks in 2024? ›

Teams with most picks in 2024 NFL draft

There's a three-way tie for the most picks in the draft heading into the first round. The Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Rams each have 11 draft picks.

How many draft picks for Titans? ›

Titans Agree to Terms With Four of the Team's Seven Draft Picks.

How many picks do the Titans have this year? ›

Tennessee has the 7th overall pick in this year's draft, their first top-10 pick since 2015, when they took WR Corey Davis at No. 5. Tennessee does not have a third round pick this year - it was traded to Arizona at last year's draft for the Titans to move up and select Will Levis 33rd overall.

What did the Titans get for the 26th pick? ›

The Titans moved back from their original first-round pick, giving picks 26 and 101 – the third-rounder acquired in the blockbuster A.J. Brown trade – to the Jets for picks 35 (second round), 69 (third round) and 163 (fifth round).

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